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  • BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall Celebrates 7th Anniversary

BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Date: November 18-21, 2021

November marks the 7th anniversary of BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall. To make year-end even joyful, the mall organizes PET | PLANT | GARDEN event featuring products and services for pet, home, and garden lovers. More than 70 stores are offering products like trees, ornamental plants, trending plants, tree pots, planting soil, pet food, clothes, and toys. There are also workshops in which participants will learn about plants and pets. Entertainment activities include planting lessons for Philodendron golden saw and Philodendron ring of fire, minimal-style tray garden decorating, desert garden decorating, albino animals show, dog detective, dog lick championship, cat lick championship, dog show, and Come to Your Mama mini championship. The campaign runs from November 18 until November 21, 2021.
For more Information: www.facebook.com/BEEHIVELifestyleMall